Jan Švankmajer: Short Films (part 1)

2013/04/14 § 2 Comments

“(I)t is dream and reality that together create a human life. This should apply all the more to art. After all, dream is one of the essential sources of imaginative creative work. And, I do not care for any other work. Creative work is a certain form of auto-therapy for me. Thus I liberate myself from the demons that moved in with me at some time during my childhood. If art has any sense at all, it lies in liberating man from domestication by civilization and for it to be able to liberate the audience, then it must, first of all, liberate its creator.”

(Jan Švankmajer, 2011)

SHORT FILMS (1964-1972)

The Last Trick (1964) (Poslední trik pana Schwarcewalldea a pana Edgara)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasy in G minor (1965) (Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasia G-moll)

A Game with Stones (1965) (Spiel mit Steinen / Hra s kameny)

Punch and Judy (1966) (Rakvičkárna)

Et Cetera (1966)

Historia Naturae (Suita) (1967)

The Garden (1968) (Zahrada)

Picnic with Weissmann (1968) (Picknick mit Weissman)

A Quiet Week in the House (1969) (Tichý týden v domě)

Don Juan (1970) (Don Šajn)

The Ossuary (1970) (Kostnice)

Jabberwocky (1971) (Žvahlav aneb šatičky slaměného Huberta)

Leonardo’s Diary (1972) (Leonardův deník)

[NOTE] The Flat (1968) (Byt) is missing.


The Flat


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